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Battery Charger for FUJIFILM

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Battery Charger for FUJIFILM, please choose the MODEL of your FUJIFILM Camera / Camcorder.
310 MRC Big Viewfinder 50AF Discovery 1000 Discovery 1000 Zoom Discovery 2000 Discovery 270 Zoom Discovery 290 Discovery 290 Date Discovery 312 Zoom Discovery 320 Zoom Discovery 320 Zoom Date Discovery 400 Discovery 900 Zoom Discovery Mini Zoom Date Discovery S1050 Zoom Date Discovery S1200 Zoom Date Discovery S1450 Zoom Date Discovery S700 Zoom Date DL-1000 Zoom DL-1000 Zoom Date DL-200 DL-2000 Zoom DL-270 DL-270 Zoom DL-270 Zoom Super DL-290 DL-290 Zoom DL-312 DL-320 Zoom DL-500 Wide Date DL-550 DL-550 Wide Date Endeavor 1000IX Endeavor 250IX Zoom Endeavor 260IX MRC Endeavor 270IX MRC Endeavor 300IX MRC Endeavor 300IX Zoom Endeavor 310IX MRC Endeavor 4000IX SL Endeavor 4000SL Endeavor 400IX MRC Endeavor 400IX Zoom FinePIX S1 Pro FinePIX S2 Pro Fotonex 260IX Fotonex 260IX Zoom MRC Fotonex 265IX Fotonex 265IX Zoom Fotonex 270IX Fotonex 300IX Fotonex 300IX Zoom Fotonex 300MX Fotonex 310IX MRC Fotonex 310IX Zoom Fotonex 400 MRC Fotonex 4000 IX Fotonex 4000IX SL Fotonex 400SL FZ 2000 GA 645 Zi GA645i GA645Wi GS 617 GX 645 Zi GX 680 III Instax 500 Instax Mini 10 Super DL Mini Super DL-Mini Zoom Zoom Date 100 Zoom Date 110 SR Zoom Date 110EZ Zoom Date 115 Super Zoom Date 120 Zoom Date 120V Zoom Date 125 SR Zoom Date 125 Super Zoom Date 135V Zoom Date 140 Zoom Date 145 Zoom Date 160S Zoom Date 160S Zoom Date 160S Zoom Date 60W Zoom Date 70 Zoom Date 90 Zoom Date S1050 Zoom Date S1200 Zoom Date S1450 C1 Zoom 56 C1 Zoom 56 C1 Zoom 56s C1 Zoom 56s C1 Zoom 56u C1 Zoom 56u FPF-34 FPF-34 Instax Mini 20 Instax Mini 20
Battery Charger for FUJIFILM
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