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  5. How Does Paypal Work, Generally Speaking?
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  12. Viewing Prices In Different Currencies
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  14. Western Union/Bank Transfer fee
  15. I Want To Contact PayPal Customer Service But Can't Find A Phone Number For Them? Please Help!
  16. Can I pay by credit card if I am not a PayPal member?

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  1. Shipping Methods Guide
  2. If I Order Products From B2C-Shopping, How Would You Ship Them To Me?
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  1. How to cancel an order? Before payment and after payment.
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  1. How to care for your new laptop battery
  2. Is it normal for a battery to produce heat while it is being used and while charging?
  3. Why does my laptop battery lose power over time?
  4. How can I minimize the power my laptop uses?
  5. How to check laptop battery life
  6. How long will my laptop battery run?
  7. What is the difference between NiCad, NiMH and Lithium-ion laptop batteries?
  8. What do the power ratings mean - mAh, Volts, and Watts?
  9. How can I extend my laptop battery run time?
  10. Can I specifically calculate my battery run time?
  11. More FAQ Information